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Baking tips from Navan's very own Eimear Reynolds!

Baking tips from Navan's very own Eimear Reynolds!

| by Eimear Reynolds | Posted in Navan Food & Drink

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Introducing our guest blogger Eimear Reynolds, a cake shop owner in Navan! Eimear will be sharing all her hints and tips on baking here at Navan Daily PRSS! So get your apron on and give baking a try! 

My name is Eimear Reynolds and I own a cake shop called Bakealicious in Old Cornmarket, Navan. Having started baking at the tender age of four, over the 22 years of my baking experience I have amassed many recipes, tips and tricks that I plan on sharing with you through these blogs.

At Bakealicious, we make all our goods with spelt flour. In this blog post, let us share with you what spelt is all about and why we use it as our weapon of choice.

Our aim at Bakealicious is to use all the highest quality ingredients to make delicious cakes and bakes. We have been using spelt in all our products as well as Irish butter, free-range eggs etc. since the beginning. Recently, I have seen a move from the conventional grain of wheat to other grains such as spelt, rye and kamut.

So what is spelt?

This has been a very, very common question faced by my Bakealicious troops.

Spelt is an ancient grain. The Roman army was fuelled by spelt flour. Grown north of the Alps during thoseancient times, there is historical evidence to show that it in circulation since 2000B.C.

However, tale of spelt is a sad one, as it was cast aside by people during the Industrial Revolution as wheat was the grain of choice. Wheat yield is greater, as it’s growth period is less than spelt, making it more profitable.This meant that in less than 300 years, spelt flour use was becoming non-existent.

Nevertheless, some baker’s rebelled and stuck it to the wheatened man refusing to change their ways.

Why use spelt?

Bakealicious only use spelt in all baked goods. This is due to that fact that spelt is not highly processed therefore retains a lot of it’s nutrients. Another plus of using spelt is that it is not bleached.

Spelt contains gluten, however the type of gluten it contains in more fragile than the gluten found in wheat flour. The gluten is made up of two components and in spelt the ratio of these components are different to wheat making it much more easily digested than wheat for people.Spelt can be consumed by people who have wheat and mild gluten intolerances.

By choosing spelt flour as our grain of choice, we offer a higher quality product. We like to think that by using spelt flour and making it more easily available to people for purchase, it means that ‘healthier’ bakes are more accessible. Why not try some people products for yourself and you see can you notice the difference. 

Click here to check out Bakealicious Facebook page!

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