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Weight Watchers - Tips 2018

Weight Watchers - Tips 2018

| by Geraldine Flanagan | Posted in Navan Health & Wellbeing

Here are Geraldine Flanagan’s tips to getting active in 2018!

Hi All,

How many of us feel obliged this time of year to join a gym, boot camp or other activity club because we feel we should, and end up only going a few times?  Or maybe invest in an exercise bike for it become the new clothes horse?  Finding an activity that is FUN, instead of it’s something else to do, is the key to moving more for good.  Whether it be walking, running, dancing, swimming, cycling or whatever takes your fancy; if you enjoy it, it’s not a chore and something we look forward to.  The hardest part is just getting started! 

After a long day, the fire lit and its cold outside, it can be hard to motivate ourselves.  If its an activity we can fit in before work, on our lunch break or straight after work then when your home, your in.  Its important when we start activity we start small and build on it.  You will not start walking 10km a day, it takes time to build this up.  As one class member put it to me, she’s progressed to walking 3km a day and her next goal is to do 4km a day.  Fitness goals can also be a great way to keep us motivated.  Some of us enjoy company for our activity and classes or sharing with a friend works for us or some like their own company to help clear our head-space. 

How we feel after being active is the bonus, we make better food choices, sleep better, create energy, improve our mood, better body shape and the medical health benefits are great.   So, what are we waiting for?  What change can you make to your activity to get this reward?  Talk soon x

Check out Geraldine’s Weight Watchers page on Facebook here!

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