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Harry "Plopper"

Harry "Plopper"

| by Rachel McInerney, Features Reporter | Posted in Features

Here at Navan Daily PRSS we invite local dog/puppy owners to submit their doggy stories accompanied with a photo of their four legged friend! The most entertaining ones will be featured on our site! Email us at

Here is the latest in the series of The Puppy Chronicles;

Harry had a mixed couple of days last weekend,he did very well out of his adopted daddy Dave Hayes and is now the proud owner of a tartan winter coat. The Tartan suits him so well, seeing as Yorkie’s originated in Scotland it would be rude not to wear it. On the other hand we had a string of incidents in the house, Harry earning the name his father affectionately gave him, Harry “Plopper”.

My miniature Yorkie’s new favourite thing to do, that only compounds his existing rap sheet is tipping over his already full bowl of food so that the contents decorate my floor nicely. These antics have also earned him the nickname “prisoner” as he visits jail so often.  Sometimes he merely surrenders, setting up camp in the hallway in protest, saying “I might as well just stay out here!”.

It was all I could do not to laugh last night when I heard a little thud on the floor, turning the light on only to find a dazed and confused Puppy having fallen off the end of the bed. He didn’t even make a sound, he just sat there, groggy, with an expression that said “What just happened?”

Harry’s popularity in the local area is growing from his daily walks, as we had an unexpected visitor that came to see my little scruff today. A pair of wide eyes and a nose squashed against the glass in my front door peered inside in search of my little puppy. After his visit from the boy no more than five years old, Harry curled up on my feet, bunched from all the excitement.

Every morning I make a smoothie and Harry charges TOWARDS the noisy blender to investigate and also to get a lick of my spoon, avocado is his favourite. Every evening there is a showcase of Harry verses the darkness outside. He stands defiantly growling and huffing at complete nothingness out the kitchen window.

This tiny puppy is growing quickly, and also is his place in my heart.  He’s soon become my best pal, licking my tears if I cry and playing fetch like a pro already. I wonder what this mini tornado will wriggle into next.



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Tagged : Puppy, Harry, Yorkie

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